Sunday, March 28, 2010

Attention Attention: Please to be checking us out in TIMES OF INDIA!! *batting eyelashes*

So major stuff happened during the weekend. On Saturday March 27, Don’t Shoe Me got published on the front page of the iDiva Section of the Times of India!! *Drum roll*. For people who don’t know, Times of India is the New York Times equivalent of India. And thanks to Sonu Bohra of Fashion Bombay we were in it. I had family and friends from all over India calling me and facebook-ing me to congratulate us. And all the while I was only thinking to myself, “Did Dad actually see my pictures in that lace unitard?”…lol…

But I cannot tell you how thrilled S and I were to have been published in TIMES OF INDIA!!!! 
Check out the online version of the article here.

Will post the scan of the actual print article later as I do not have a copy of it yet. Waiting patiently for my sister in Bombay to send one to me. Until then, everyone jump in joy with me!! Don’t stop!! Keep jumping!! I’ve been since the past 2 days .. J


  1. hey.. guess what.. i follow you 3 days back and the next day i see your feature in the TOI!! anyway congrats! i read it!

  2. shyan, thats sooo sweet!! im soo glad u got a kick out of it!! i did too!! ...

  3. im proud of u baby ... ur dreams come true:)

  4. Congrats, babe! This is awesome! Wishing you many more bigger and better things :-)

  5. Yayyyyyy Prutha!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for both you girls! Way to go!

  6. That's quite something Pru! Good for you! Keep up that enthusiasm!



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