Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pink Friday: Personal Fashion

Images by Surfaraz Maner

Coat: All Saints; Tunic: got it Tailored in India some 10 yrs ago; Shoes: Ashish for TopShop

Life is fantastic. Ask why? Because the holiday season is here!! Thanksgiving 4 day break was so fulfilling, I can't tell you. It mostly involved eating, sleeping, going out with friends, art, eating more, sleeping more. This is life!!

I finally bought a winter jacket after probably 3-4 yrs of wearing the old ones. Even my friends were getting fed-up of them. But I just didn't like anything for so long. I finally found this quirky winter jacket with HUGE pockets designed to fit an iPad! I don't have an iPad yet [coz I spent the ipad money on this jacket] but maybe these big pockets can act like my stockings this year and my santa can fill them up ;) [why am I winking when I HAVE NO SANTA!!!]

Bumped into Ben on the street again. I love this guy. And the guy on the bike just joined in cause he wanted to. BTW he had no upper teeth and I have a pic of him showing it off here.


  1. good choice on the coat, i esp love its high collar!

  2. Prutha, You look like you are having fun in that coat and in the brilliant pink. Congratulations!

  3. Your new coat looks great, Prutha! Besides, the pink color of your tunica is exactly THAT pink I love:)

  4. I hope Santa fills your pockets ASAP :)
    Loved all the gold accessories

  5. ooh send santa this way too ;) I love the coat! how travel with iPad friendly really!

  6. New Yorkers are a special breed, gotta love 'em.

  7. Two ipad slots! Santa betta be listening! ;-)

    Go Pru & Surfi!!

  8. love love love your look girl!!!!

    the pink top is my fav part of the outfit..(rather than the jacket!!)

  9. All that jewelry with that burst of pink! Definitely holiday season!! :)



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